Project Roadmap

Phase 1:
Pre launch Marketing
Fair Launch on Pancakeswap
CMC and Coingecko listing
Post Launch Marketing
1500 Tg members
500 Holders
Launch of ETH SHIBA Swap
On-boarding of crypto influencers
Contract audit
Major token buyback and burn $SHIB
Phase 2:
5000 Tg members
2000 holders
CEX Listing
Certik Audit
Major influencer marketing campaign
Major token buyback and burn $SHIB
Phase 3:
Launch of ETH SHIBA NFTs
Listing on multiple CEX
10,000 Tg members
6000 holders
Major six figure marketing campaign
Launch of ETH SHIBA Farm
Massive token buy back and burn $SHIB
$10,000 donation to charity made
Phase 4:
Top 10 CEX listing
Launch of play to earn games
Launch of Metaverse NFT characters
Tesla Giveaway
Celebrity Endorsements
Private party on a yacht in Dubai for $ETHSHIB holders with major influencers and the team
Major token buyback and burn $SHIB
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